Monday, January 10, 2011

I'm No Fool

This brings back such great memories.

I can remember as a kid going to Almeda Mall with my parents. They would pay the $.50 or whatever it cost for me to hang out with other kids watching Disney films in our own little theatre.

These films helped teach me wrong from right and instilled in me a certain morality that I think is missing in many ways these days. Never show off. Never, never overdo. A tired person is a careless person. Sunshine is wonderful in moderation, of course. Follow the rules. They are for your protection. "USE COMMON SENSE! YOUR SAFETY DEPENDS ON YOU!" We don't get enough of this. Instead, we've become a litigious society dependent on others to protect us.

Jiminy Cricket wasn't a fool. It's far too bad that so many others are these days.

Try it again Stupid.

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